Child of Hope's Family Support Unit in action from Child of Hope on Vimeo.

Check out the impact of Child of Hope's Family Support team, seen in this 3-minute video. This work is provided entirely free for families of children at our school in the poverty-struck Namatala slum of eastern Uganda – where there is no other effective form of social support.

The parents (usually the mums) benefit hugely. We offer them lots of family support, training and encouragement through our welfare team. And if they would like to start a business, our IGA team trains them, gives them a start-up grant, and supports them long-term as they rise from the worst extremes of poverty.

And because Child of Hope’s work is holistic, everything we do is joined up and positively influences other aspects of our work. So, spiritual health affects mental health, which affects physical health. Physical health isn’t just down to our nurses, but the fact that a mum’s new business allows her to feed her children better, and that the welfare team visits her to make sure the children are being looked after at home. And when when children get good exam results, that’s been helped by mum being able to afford paraffin so the child has light to do their homework… and because the welfare team made sure there was a safe environment at home to study in.


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