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With a large family to support and in her mid-fifties, Betty wondered what more she could do to secure a steady income. She owns some semi-permanent houses that bring her a modest rental income, but as a single mum living in the slum with many family members dependent upon her, the monthly family expenditure has always exceeded the rental income. 

Betty and pigs.jpgWell, on the advice of Child of Hope’s IGA team, a sceptical Betty bought four piglets as a further investment. The piglets prospered under her attentive care and, as adults, have produced a further fifteen piglets! Betty has sold two of the adults to supplement the family income and is excited by the prospect of extending her family’s prosperity – all thanks to the new piggery business. 

The Income Generating Activity scheme is bringing lasting change to numerous families in Namatala, lifting them from poverty to self-sufficiency. Could you help support the team that trains the mums with a £10 regular donation each month? If so, please click here!

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