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Our nursery teachers are pioneering an effective learning system for children than you won’t see in other nursery schools in Uganda.

On the whole, nursery education in Uganda involves children sitting in rows and repeating whatever the teacher says. They then struggle with a pencil and an exercise book for a bit, copying whatever shapes the teacher has put on the blackboard and then they go outside to go and play on the swings. But – thanks to input from various British education professionals that have helped us – that’s very different to what happens at Child of Hope!

In our nursery, teachers use a highly-organised system of several different activities happening at the same time in the same class (and sometimes going outside for some activities) based around group work. This helps children with their social skills and at the same time encourages creativity. The various activities mean that usually there is something during every lesson which every child will be good at – and they will also have an activity that they find challenging. For example – some kids are good with written work, others are good with more practical playing skills, others are better at oral/listening activities. It also means that they don’t get bored!  

Of course, it does require the teacher to be super-organised ahead of every lesson, and needs extra adult help (teaching assistants) during the lesson to ensure all the groups are progressing well. The teacher then keeps an eye out for any particular children who are struggling in order to give them specialist attention. Our use of phonics is going particularly well.

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