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With Covid restrictions and last season’s poor harvest, our staff are providing ongoing mentoring to ensure that our mums’ small businesses survive, unlike many others in the community.

Mothers in our community are key to ensuring their children’s basic needs are adequately met. Visiting their homes, it is clear to our teams that mothers take a prime role in supporting the family income to provide for their children.

Just looking around the Namatala market recently, many mothers were seen operating small-scale businesses, selling foodstuffs to the community. Many mothers are part of the Income Generating Activities (IGA) scheme we operate to support small businesses. They cannot afford to buy in bulk to the extent they used to, but mentoring from our IGA staff helps to them keep going in challenging circumstances.

If you’d like to help slum mum’s boost their family’s income with a micro business, why not sponsor our IGA programme? Click here for details.