Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our emergency appeals – your donations have helped save lives. Sadly, due to the ongoing pandemic, we need to reach out to you again.

You are probably aware of how local restrictions in your own area have hit low-income families – the restrictions have also seriously affected slum families that were already living on the breadline. This is happening in a place where Covid is preventing many people from working but where there is no welfare or financial support for them.

So we are launching our third emergency appeal to feed hungry families over the next few months – by which time the majority may be in a better position to earn money themselves after the eventual lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

How can Child of Hope supporters help? Please join our campaign to raise £20,000 to support families in the slum.

We know times are tough for many at the moment, but if you would like to contribute, please click the donate button below which takes you to our JustGiving page, or you can donate via our website by PayPalcheque or online banking

Further information:

Since April 2020 when Coronavirus restrictions were put in force in Uganda, Child of Hope has raised almost £70,000 to help hungry families. Now, we aim to continue providing regular food, hygiene products, masks and medical supplies to the families of our school pupils, plus other badly-hit families in the slum.

It is intended that our schools will be fully reopened in August, at which time the children will be receiving food there. Some classes have already returned, and others will return soon, so if our emergency appeal raises more than its target, the excess will help feed children as they return to school and the most urgent needs.