Our P7 children’s results in the 2017 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) showed the best performance yet, reflecting the extra work we have put into training teachers and improved teaching methods. And in fact –  for PLE results – their success puts Child of Hope in the top 6% of the 13,275 primary schools in Uganda!

That’s an amazing result if you consider that these children would not normally have received any education, as they come from the poorest area in Mbale. Many of them are the first in their family to complete primary education.

At the end of 2017, the oldest 27 of our pupils took the PLE exam:

• 12 passed in Division 1 (an increase from 8 last year). This is 44.4% up on our last year achievement of 36% and compared to national figure of 9.1% (which had reduced from 10.2% the previous year for the nation).

• 15 passed in Division 2. This is 55.6% (same percentage as last year).

• None resulted in Division 3 or 4 nor failed. Last year we had 2 in Division 4.

• Boys outperformed girls:
   - Division 1:  8 boys, 4 girls
   - Division 2:  5 boys, 10 girls.

This shows that 100% of our kids passed at a high level. As a nation only 90.9% passed at any of the four levels – and Mbale District is listed among the districts with the highest failure rates.