With many of our children not returning to school, we have increased visits to the children at their homes. Co-ordinated teams of education, health, IGA and welfare workers visit children every morning so that each child is seen at least once a month.

Currently, only Primary 7 and Senior 4 exam classes are back at school, but…

• P6 and S3 will be going back on March 1 for 12 weeks.

• P4/P5/S1/S2 will be going back in shifts after April 7th, though the exact date has not been confirmed.

We have no information yet about when P1-P3 will start and nursery classes are to remain closed for the duration of the pandemic. As a result, some of the Nursery and Lower Primary staff have been furloughed until their children return to school.

The 2020 school year will end towards the end of July. We’re not sure when the 2021 academic year will start. They normally end in December and re-start in February.